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Leopard Fashionista!

Oct 29, 2013


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Leopard print….a dash or a smash…..from scarves to shoes to leggings and dresses to bags of every type! And, especially now, a great leopard print jacket for the cooler weather is always on trend and has been a mainstay of the fashion runways this year. Here a few tips to think about when adding a bit of leopard or “animal” print to your wardrobe. It’s a great way to capture the eye and add pizzazz to your outfit, but so important to pay attention to how it will work for you. First, remember that adding a “dash” is great with the rest of your ensemble being more neutral. Second, keep it simple. Remember that adding a scarf, bag or shoes to your outfit which has clean, simple lines works best.

Third, if an entire piece of clothing in leopard print is too bold for you, stick with the “dash”, rather than going with the smash! Fourth, be careful in your choice of fabrics when choosing an item of clothing. Go with what flatters your body and style. And, last but not least, my fifth tip….if you are going with leopard print, stay with the “traditional” colors rather than the neon version of the print. Stay with the “real” life colors and add to your wardrobe which will always be “on trend”! From hats, dresses, tops, scarves, and bags to swimsuits, there are a limitless amount of choices that will add to your wardrobe and always be a part of it! Have fun with this “year after year” trend and be fierce!

Jewelry Anyone?

Jun 7, 2013


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 Hot Jewelry Trends for Summer 2013 


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Spring Dresses in 2013

May 3, 2013


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Bonne Foi Spring Dresses, spring skin careSpring has sprung and summer is on it’s way. This year fashion dictates that we girls should keep things simple, light and breezy. Classic fits, not too much fussiness, and pretty pastel colors.

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High Heels or Not?

Apr 2, 2013


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High Heels or Not? Bonne-FoiWomen love their Jimmy Choo’s. The higher the better if you subscribe to the fashion sense of movie stars on the red carpet. But have you ever worn that type of shoe? I have. Well maybe not really high heels like→ Read more

Spring Makeup 2013

Feb 20, 2013


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Spring will come!! And so will color...

Spring makeup colors 2013

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Fashion as Art

Feb 5, 2013


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Bonne Foi makes a product line that is useful, and we put our products in jars and bottles that are not only functional and beautiful. The thought that goes into a company's product line is usually first concerned with function, and as one prepares to market the product, thought will→ Read more

Best Hair at the SAG Awards 2013

Feb 1, 2013


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We love fashion and hair. Without the right hairstyle, the most elegant dress from the most fabulous designer will pass muster with the Fashion Police. If your hair is as dry and brittle as straw, no amount of styling will help you achieve your best hair style, so before you→ Read more

Fashion, Beauty and You

Jan 25, 2013


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 Audrey Hepburn thought she had a funny face. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you look in the mirror, therefore,  as the beholder, beauty is in your own eyes. Too many of us only see our flaws when gazing→ Read more

Beauty Throughout the Years

Sep 4, 2012


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Fall Fashion

Aug 27, 2012


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In the Fashion World, fall fashions are previewed in the early spring so store buyers can order their picks in time for these items to hit the stores by August. If you have attempted to purchase a new bathing suit or pair of shorts in the past week, you know→ Read more