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Bonne Foi and Dancing

Mar 3, 2014


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Want to look and feel younger? First make sure you are using our Bonne-Foi Natural Skin Care line. Next, laugh several times a day. When the news about all the bad things happening in the world start to wear you down, turn it off. Find something to think about that will make you smile and feel hopeful again. And last but not least, DANCE!!

Why Dancing? For several reasons. One, music is almost universally thought of as one of the best ways to life out spirits and soothes our souls. It can transport us back in time to events that make our hearts happy. Second, I challenge anyone to stay sad while they dance. It is virtually impossible. Last but not least, dancing is aerobic, gets your heart pumping, and for most of us, it involves at least one other person.  Dancing uses all different muscle groups, and it makes you happy. If you don’t have a partner or a friend to go out dancing with, join a line dancing class.  It will get you into a very social environment where you will not only have fun; you will probably even make some new friends.

Look at all those stars who participate in Dancing with the Stars, some of them start out heavy, awkward, and for the most part they end up thinner and in much better shape. I am not saying that will happen to you right away, but if you keep it up over time, you will begin to notice a difference in your body, and in your mind.

So the formula for staying young and vital? Eat colorful food, take long walks in the fresh air a few times a week, use Olive Oil for cooking instead of butter. Wash your face with Bonne Foi facial cleanser, and use the Keratin Hair treatment. Last of all, Dance. “ I Hope you dance, I hope you dance..”

Bonne Foi

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Olive Oil, Vinegar and Skin Care

Mar 15, 2013


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Natural Ingredients and Skin Care Products

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