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Relief From Frizzy Hair

Aug 24, 2013


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 It’s summer time at the beach and those of us with wavy hair love the weather and the beach, but we HATE what it does to our hair. Without getting a Keratin hair treatment, there is no way we can get within a mile of the beach this time of year and not get the frizzies.

What is a girl, or guy, to do? Here is what they said in a recent post at Vogue:

The excess moisture in the air really does create excess frizz,” says New York City hairstylist Harry Josh, who explains that the battle for better hair starts in the shower. Rich shampoos and conditioners with a creamy texture create a smooth base for each strand. The minute you step out, Josh suggests working a humidity-proofing formula like John Frieda Frizz-Ease or Moroccan oil Treatment into the hair while it’s still sopping wet. “Once the air hits your hair, it starts to frizz—but if you apply the product quickly, it will keep the strands together as they dry.” Whether you blast it with the blowdryer or let it dry naturally, he also stresses the importance of keeping your hands out of your hair throughout the remainder of the day. “When you touch your hair, the follicles start to separate and it creates a halo of [fuzz].

We have found that our Keratin Hair Treatment will also help with those frizzies. If you apply it to your wet hair, comb it through and let your hair mostly air dry, it will keep your hair looking smoother. A ceramic flat iron will also help to keep your hair smoother longer if it is the sleek style you are going for. If your hair is closer to curly than just wavy, then use our Keratin Hair Treatment, and braid your hair. Let it dry, and when you undo the braids you will have soft summer waves. It braiding you hair sounds like too much work, or it’s too short, perhaps an over the counter curling gel or foam would work well for you.

No matter what, putting up with frizzy hair all summer can be a thing of the past when you try these suggestions.

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