Testimonial for Bonne Foi Skin Care

Aug 28, 2013


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Testimonial from Karen for Bonne Foi

I just turned 58 and until about two years ago my skin looked pretty good for my age. I felt pretty smug about that, but I began to notice that my pores appeared larger, small brown spots showed up on the left side of my face. They were not that noticeable at first, but as time went on they kind of spread out a bit. I would put concealer on them, but in a few hours they would be visible again.

I tried some of the over the counter skin care products, both the expensive and some not so expensive ones, and while they felt good when I first applied them, they didn’t seem to have much, if any effect on my wrinkles or brown spots. Then a friend told me to try Bonne Foi. I thought, here we go again.

I had nothing to lose, and while the cost of Bonne Foi is certainly higher than some over the counter brands, it’s less expensive than the high end products I had tried. After two weeks I noticed my skin was softer, smoother and after a month, those brown spots had virtually disappeared.

I am sold on Bonne Foi Natural Skin Care and I don’t need anything else. I even had my niece who is in her 20’s try it. She has mild acne and after using Bonne Foi for a while, her skin is clear and unblemished.

Thank you Shirley, thank you Bonne Foi!!