The Best Natural Skin Care, Made in the USA

Dec 16, 2013


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We stand proud and tall at Bonne Foi, because our skin care products are made right here in Huntington Beach, California, in the good ole US of A.Natural Skin Care, made in the USA, Bonne Foi

Our lab chemist has been doing skin care and anti-aging research for over a decade. In fact, his unique 24 hour pH balance theory has been inspiring his colleagues in the anti-aging research field for many years. He based our formulas on three scientific principles:

  • Your skin care shouldn’t just make your face feel soft, it should nourish your skin. Our Bonne Foi products heal and protect your skin from the inside out by “opening up the molecular water-channel pathways (the ones discovered by Dr. Peter Agre in his Nobel Prize-winning research) and deliver rejuvenating nutrients all the way into the heart of your skin’s cells.”
  • Our Products are formulated to work WITH  your skin’s natural pH, balancing it out during the day and intensifying it at night. Click here to learn more.
  • Brown seaweed extract is beneficial for your skin: Scientists have found that marine plant extracts exhibit hydrating, collagen boosting, cell renewal enhancement, and antioxidant properties. Bonne Foi uses a unique formulation of highly concentrated brown seaweed extracts. These extracts come from special  brown seaweed that grows deep in the ocean  where the plants are exposed to far fewer contaminants than other seaweeds and therefore contain a more concentrated supply of skin nutrients.

We named our company Bonne Foi because it means Good Faith. For us good faith represents how we feel about our products, and how we want our customers to feel as well. Our company was founded because we saw a need in the market for high quality skin care products that are not only natural and earth-friendly, but that also successfully work to help reduce the aging process.

At Bonne Foi we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and we hope that you go into the new year with health and hope.

Bonne Foi