The Dangers of Tanning

Sep 5, 2014


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Sunscreen is a topic we have posted about several times, so I think you get the point that we think it is very important you protect your skin before you head outside. But today I read some disturbing news about tanning beds. Do you remember when tanning beds were considered a status symbol?  That is not the case anymore. Apparently now there are states moving to outlaw them. Studies have shown they are just as dangerous to our skin as sitting in the sun for hours. UV rays from any source can cause skin cancer and we have to be careful how we treat our skin.

Yes, it feels lovely to bask in the warmth of the sun, and yes, we look a little better with a slight tan on our skin, but, if you have ever seen someone suffer from skin cancer. You will quickly change your opinion. I have known people who, as a result of sun damage, have had to undergo painful surgery, skin grafting and even radiation treatments.

Another myth we would like to dispel is the belief that if you don’t get an actual sunburn there is no damage to our skin. The truth is that all the little things add up. Each hour your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, or to the light in a tanning bed causes underlying skin damage.  That’s why the left side is more afflicted in people who drive a lot .the forearms and hands are exposed to more sun when driving as well.

So please, take precaution to cover up. Get used to the pale look and revel in your smooth, wrinkle free skin instead of looking for that warm color of a tan. No matter how you achieve that tanned look, it is going to be harmful.

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