Tips for Looking Your Best in 2013

Jan 3, 2013


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What can you do in the coming new year to make yourself look and feel better. For one, remember to use your sunscreen, another is to use our Bonne Foi natural skin care system. To keep your hair looking full and luxurious, apply our Natural Keratin Hair treatment to your hair when you get out of the shower.

 Time and time again, on the morning news shows, we see how a new hair style and color can take years off our looks. Hair is our crowning glory, and nothing finishes off your look better then the right hair color and cut for your face. Try a new more updated style and see how many complements you get!!

The one change we want to talk about today is eyebrows.  

Have you seen people with very light or no eye brows?  Did their eyes stand out? Did you notice their eyes? Probably not.

 Have you noticed that photos of your face look different as you age? You may need to do a little work on your eyebrows. Perfectly shaped brows will frame you eyes just like the right hairstyle frames your face. 

Here are some basics we found for getting the best look for YOUR eyebrows in 2013:

“How to Get Perfect Brows

Craving a movie star’s eyebrows? The perfect brow size and shape for your face depends on your own features. If your brow were divided into thirds, the thick end should start at the bridge of your nose. The arch should be around the middle. The thin end should go just past the corner of your eye. 

Get Thicker Brows

Fill in sparse brows with a powder, pencil, or gel. Go two shades lighter than your hair color if you’re brunette, two shades darker if you have pale blonde or silver hair. When in doubt, taupe works on almost everyone. Use tiny strokes over your arches and blend with a brow brush to remove extra color.

 Make Brows Match Your Hair

If you make a dramatic hair color change, your brows should change, too. You’ll want to see a professional colorist. Don’t dye your brows at home, even if you have a really steady hand. Need a quick fix? Blend mascara or concealer into your brows to instantly go darker or lighter.

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