To Wash or Not to Wash

Jan 28, 2014


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I have heard conflicting opinions, wash your hair every day, wash your hair three times per week, never wash your hair, just rinse it with apple cider vinegar, yuk..

What is a girl, or guy, to do? You want your hair to look soft, healthy and shiny. You don’t want it to look dry and frizzy, but you don’t like how your hair feels if you go more than two days without washing it. Let me offer another suggestion. Wash you hair at least every couple of days, and after each shampoo, spritz you hair with our Keratin Hair treatment. It will help restore the PH balance . of your hair and keep it soft, smooth and healthy looking.

Bonne Foi’s Product line is made with natural ingredients right here in Huntington Beach, CA, in the United States of America. ┬áThe Keratin in our natural hair care product will penetrate your hair strands and make them stronger and less likely to split or break.

When the cool winter weather dries out your skin and hair, our products can help to restore the loss moisture that mother nature takes away.

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Bonne Foi