Why you should wash your face AFTER you shower!

Sep 22, 2011


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As I educate people about the products in my line, I tell them not to wash their face until after they have showered. They ask me , “Why should I use Bonne Foi’s gentle cleanser, after I take my shower, Shirley?”

This is what I tell them. When you take a shower the residue left from your body soap, shampoo and conditioner will get on your face. And while you will feel clean when you have finished your shower, some of that residue will stay on your skin.

It  is a fact most people never give a second thought to, should I  Wash my face in the shower, or after the shower? I recommend  you  wash it AFTER you have taken a shower with our cleansing gel .

Our Bonne Foi Facial Cleansing Gel is formulated to be gentle to your skin, while leaving it clean and soft. Our ingredients come from special seaweed extracts and sea salts specially formulated to take off any residue left behind by other products you use in your shower.  In order for the other natural Bonne Foi products to do their job effectively, you will want to have clean, fresh skin, with its natural oils intact, to apply them to.

I love it when people ask me questions, it gives me a chance to educate without feeling like I am giving a lecture! For the record I have another tidbit I would like to share with you. Please do not use soap on your skin. Soap in any shape or form, be it a bar of soap or liquid soap, it doesn’t matter, is bad for your face. Soap contains harsh chemicals that can strip your face of all its natural oils, leaving it unprotected and causing your skin to age more rapidly.

So now, repeat after me, NO washing your face with soap, and always wash your face with Bonne Foi Facial Cleansing Gel at night before you retire and after you take your shower!!

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