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Surveys show that whether their hair is straight or curly, treated or untreated, people generally all want the same thing: stronger, silkier, smoother, more manageable hair. Bonne Foi’s Natural Keratin Hair Serum delivers all this and more.

A Protectant, Not a Straightener

Unlike the keratin hair treatments that are available at high end hair salons, Bonne Foi’s daily use Natural Keratin Hair Serum is not a hair straightener, and will not affect your hair’s original wave. Curly hair will remain curly, and straight hair will remain straight. But even if you do get keratin hair treatments at your salon, you can still benefit from our daily use Natural Keratin Hair Serum.

This specially formulated serum is a protectant that will coat and repair your hair. Use it every day and you will soon enjoy the stronger, healthier, smoother, silkier, easier to style hair that you’ve always wanted. Bonne Foi’s Natural Keratin Hair Serum will also improve your hair’s natural flexibility and luster, and repair its abrasions and splits.

Also Works as a Light Style Product

Men (and women with ultra short hair styles) can also use Bonne Foi’s Natural Keratin Hair Serum as a light gel to spike up their hair. It will keep its shape and feel natural, not hard.

Made from New Zealand Sheep Wool

In our search for the best source of natural keratin we were thrilled to discover natural keratin derived from New Zealand sheep wool. At our request we receive this keratin in small flakes. It then takes two weeks for these keratin flakes to completely dissolve in our specially formulated solution, to be ready to be processed into Bonne Foi’s Natural Keratin Hair Serum. As compared to other keratin products for hair, ours has a much larger molecular structure. This larger molecule form is stronger and creates a more protective coating on the hair. Order today!